Saturday, May 5, 2012

Underage Betting

Today is Derby Day!  We had C pick his bets:

He ended up picking Optimizer and Hansen.  I picked Daddy Long Legs, Prospective, and Gemologist.  I use the very scientific method of how much I like the name to pick horses, plus I throw in the horse with the longest odds at the time of our bets.  S made his much more educated bets, and we got my parents' bets to place for them.

We drove out to Keeneland to play the ponies.

The little miser wouldn't let anyone else hold/eat his tickets.  

One of the great things about Keeneland is that it's relatively small, and we were able to interact with some horses.

It seemed like all of the horses were more interested in the empty mint julep cup than they were in the baby.

We left Keeneland to go pick up a jogging stroller I found on Craigslist - an Instep Safari TT.  I've started to run a bit again, and I figured a jogging stroller would give me more flexibility in terms of scheduling a run,  plus S would be able to come with me if he wanted.  Coincidentally, my first race post-baby is on my birthday - at Keeneland.

Then we puttered around at home while waiting for the race to start.  The race always seems to go by so quickly!  Unfortunately, there wasn't much in the way of winnings.  Both S and my mom got the show bet.  I had considered betting on I'll Have Another, but the newspaper said that no horse has ever won from the 19th post.  Next year, I'll have to avoid reading the racing page.  And probably revert back to my original betting plan: whatever horse's name sounds the dirtiest.

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