Saturday, July 28, 2012


Apparently I tried to pull the whole PhD card and take a sabbatical from the blog.  In my defense, my family was down from NJ, and it would have been quite rude of me to tell them to wait while I blogged.  I was so excited to have them down and for them to interact with C, since he's changed so much since they were last down in March.  He's definitely a lot more fun now!  It feels weird to talk about my family in the post since my mom's pretty much my only regular reader.  Hi Mom!  They got to be here for C's 6 month birthday and experience his first time eating solids.  He was a pro!

Anywho, it's been the same old, same old.  Weeks that pass by slowly and weekends that breeze by.  C did get to finally use the first baby-related item I bought when I found out I was pregnant:

Today's S's birthday, and we didn't really do anything too exciting.  My gifts bombed.  In my defense, he's really difficult to buy for, and he tends to buy what he needs when he needs it.  To top off the day, the poor guy had to mow the lawn.  I offered to do it, but I think he knew it would take him a lot less time.  Note to self: next year, buy him the services of a lawn mowing company.

While S was mowing, C helped me fold diapers.  Then he made a move to snuggle with them.

Am I the only one that thinks it's harder to stick by the rules as a baby gets older and cuter?  We've been so good about just putting him down to bed, but lately he's fussed a bit, especially at naps.  I think he's really starting to go through separation anxiety.  Anyway, on the weekends, I like lying down with him on our bed, and he invariably falls asleep.  He's so cute!

Okay, next topic needs to be about my assessment of the variety of types of cloth diapers I have.  If I put it in the blog, in the words of Chris Farley as Guliani's son, "it should be so, and it will be so!"

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